Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nak Let Go Medela MiniElectric Breastpump

to all BF mommies,

Medela MiniElectric Breastpump hanya digunakan 3-4 kali sahaja oleh pengguna asal, still look new & well function .

berminat ? sila hubungi saya kt ym : zmarlia
atau emel : zmarlia@yahoo.com

worth buying :)

Product description:
The Medela MiniElectric Breastpump is perfect for short-term separations of mother and baby. It is lightweight and completely portable, so traveling is convenient.
The MiniElectric mimics the natural suck-release-relax cycling of a nursing baby. An adjustable vacuum allows you to select your own comfort level. For added versatility, universal threads on the breastshield allow the pump to be attached to any standard baby bottle.
The pump comes with a companion transformer that allows you to plug it into any electric outlet. Or power the pump with two AA batteries (not included).
Product: Medela Mini Electric (1 set with box)
Condition : Good (bought on 13th July 2009)
Price : RM400 (excluding postage)


MaMa ZuRa said...

ni org lain punya ke awk punya ye?

mama_umar said...

hi mama zura, this is my fren's

Nurul said...

bagus pam ni. akak punye 1 dan masih guna lagi kalau punya baby lagi la...siap dipinjam kepada kengkawan lagik. akak beli dulu 300 je. skang harganya 500 lebih dah rasanya. akal beli dulu thn 2001 hehehehhe

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