Sunday, January 4, 2009

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slm thn baru 2009 buat sumer!! hrp tahun ni menjadikan diri kite lebih baik dr thn2 sebelumnye, as a new entry dlm thn 2009 nih,ade skit introduction la ttg my new blog,,bkn blog bsnes baru tau,heheh,blog bout my real moments in life..rasenye nk tulis ape shj event happen surround me,insyaAllah..the blog was named after i saw Oprah Show las week, about reel moments,bkn slh eja ke ape,mmg saje tulis gitu,kasik lain sket,so trus kenan name tu dan create new blog khusus ttg my life..

sudi2la lawat dan bace or share something dgn saye yg baru blaja nih,tataaa

Mr. Green thumbsup peace muahaha Twisted Evil


Marsha~ said...

u ada jual winter wear for baby tak. anak i dalm lingkungan 8 bulan

Anonymous said...

ader produk baru x??

mama_umar said...

hi marsha, winter wear tu mcm baju2 sejuk,sweater sumer tu ye?klu sweater tu ader, and blh tgk legging jugak :)

hi anonymous, blh tgk my latest entry jan stock part i

Anonymous said...

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